Mission Mangal team are the special guests

Akshay suggests the viewers not to take protein supplements as it has a lot of side effects. Akshay calls on stage Taapsee Pannu and Kirti Kulhari. Kapil congratulates all the guests for Mission Mangal. He asks the ladies what would they like to invent or discover if they had the chance to. Taapsee says she would like a time machine. Kapil now asks Akshay what would he like to invent or discover. He says that he would want to destroy all technological inventions. Kapil says that the planetary movements have an impact on life. He asks the members of the audience how many people believe in it.


The Kapil Sharma Show preview: Akshay Kumar, Taapsee Pannu, Sonakshi Sinha and Kirti Kulhari will make the evening an entertaining one as they will share anecdotes from their personal and professional lives.Krushna comes in and talks about Nalasupara and everyone laughs out loud. He then talks about the different types of massages at his parlour and everyone laughs. All the three actresses don’t let Akshay speak and they all complain about his balanced and extra routine life. They then make puris on the show and Taapsee and Sonakshi make the best puris. Akshay asks Krushna to make puris but his puri doesn’t turn out to be round. They all praise Sonakshi and Taapsee’s puri. They all then play Ke bhail crore pati and Kiku introduces them to the game. Akshay then says that he wants to ask the questions and he then starts the quiz. Krushna and Kapil add fun to the game by then non stop comments. Kapil makes an entry as Arora ji and scares Krushna so much that he falls off his chair. Sonakshi answers a question and says that Akshay makes everyone wake up at five in the morning and her complain makes everyone laugh. They all the pour water on Kapil, Kiku and Krushna and the episode comes to an end.

The episode begins with Kapil making a dashing entry sporting a black jacket. He cracks a lot of jokes and makes the audience laugh out loud. He then interacts with the audiences and makes fun of Archana. Sonakshi Sinha comes and they all have a fun banter. Kapil says that since Akshay and Sonakshi’s upcoming movie is on Mars, Akshay will make a special entry. He shows a box and says that Akshay will enter from the box but the box falls and everyone wonders where Akshay is. They all get scared as the box falls and opens but Akshay is nowhere. Taapsee Pannu and Kriti Kulhari wait backstage and watch the fun act. Akshay then makes an entry from the balcony door. Everyone cheers out loud and gives him a standing ovation.

Kapil can also be seen pulling Sonakshi and Kirti’s leg in the promo and fans are surely in for a laughter riot with the upcoming episode. Kapil can also be seen pulling Archana’s leg in the promo and mentions that having so many female actors on the show is a rarity for him. Later, Krishna brings in his comic punch and the stars can be seen laughing their guts out on The Kapil Sharma’s show. Kapil also revealed that Kirti originally wanted to be an air hostess but became an actor later. The audience can expect a lot of fun and laughter from this weekend’s show. Stay tuned to myclassicentertainment.in for more updates.

Akshay and Sonakshi then talk about their film and they all then interact with the audience. Since Mission Mangal is also denoted as a planet in astrology, Kapil asks the audience about their experience with astrology and many people from the audience talk about astrologers duping them and everyone claps at them and they spread a strong message. A girl from Assam thanks Akshay for donating two crore rupees to save people in Assam floods. She then comes on the stage and sings a song and both Akshay and Sonakshi sing along with her. Taapsee and Kriti come and all of them talk about their film. Sonakshi and Akshay end up wearing white and Kriti and Taapsee wear black and everyone calls then black and white team. Kapil then asks them questions and Akshay asks Kapil where he gets all the questions from and everyone laughs out loud.