Saaho Team are the special guests

The episode begins with Kapil introducing Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhas on the show. Everyone welcomes them with lots of cheer and a lot of Prabhas’ fans can’t stop cheering for him. The actors then talk about their upcoming film – Saaho. Kapil asks them about their experience and they interact with two ladies from abroad.

They make hilarious comments and everyone laughs out loud. Kapil’s reaction to the lady’s comments makes Prabhas laugh out loud. That’s not all! They then play a game where someone from the audience has to say Prabhas’ full name. Many people try but only two get the answer right and Kapil gives them gifts.

Kapil then welcomes Neil Nitin Mukhesh and everyone welcomes him with lots of cheer. He dons a black suit and makes an ecstatic entry. Kapil then talks to them about their film budget and as soon as Prabhas says that the budget is 350 crore rupees, Kapil says that his blood pressure has turned low and that he would need some glucose. This leaves everyone in splits. Kiku comes in and everyone just can’t stop laughing. He talks about Neil’s tough looks and Prabhas’ Bahubali avatar. He then makes fun of Shraddha as he talks about her film – Stree. Kapil then talks to the audiences and asks them to share one phase of their life which they want to relive or get back as a gift.


Many people from the audiences interact and participate and there is a group of people who make him and everyone else laughs the most. Kapil gives them gifts and then talks about Shraddha, Prabhas and Neil’s secrets. He shares that Prabhas usually sleeps on the day the release of his film is scheduled. Soon after, Shraddha and everyone else turns red out of embarrassment as he says that Shraddha gets her stomach upset before the release of her films. Fans can’t stop laughing as he says that she had to go to the washroom three times the last time she had come. Shraddha turns red and pink and everyone laughs out loud. Prabhas says that he will stop industry interview if he was made PM for a day

One fan comes in and asks Kapil to sing and his song impresses the guests and the audiences so much that they can’t stop saying “wow” throughout. Kiku then plays Ke Bail Crore Pati and the fun sequence begin as Krushna comes in as Sanjay Dutt. He dances to Nayak Nahi Khalnayak Hoon Mai and scares Kiku. They all play games and Prabhas and Neil praise their energy. Dhvani Bhanusali and Tulsi Kumar come in and sing the songs from their upcoming film Saaho and they all dance and groove to it.

What is going to happen next? Will your favourite stars come in on the show? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates on the show.